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Milestone, Barcelona

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Milestone office in Barcelona

Milestone’s offices in Barcelona are located in the P99 building. The concept of this office pursues an idea of comfort, flexibility and innovation, that highlights value on collaborative spaces and relationships between users.

The distribution of the floor plan is structured around a closed program core in the center of the office, which contains rooms for common use such as meeting rooms, phone booth, auxiliary office and a relax room. At the same time, it structures the circulation of the spaces around it. At the entrance, we find a large hall next to a multipurpose room with a movable partition, which on a daily basis works as a collaborative space, but can change its layout to adapt to possible events, meetings or alternative activities.

The main work space, understood as a traditional bench-desk model, is arranged on the perimeter of the facade to enjoy natural light.

The office is in a more detached area of the workspace to be understood as a place for disconnection. It is conceived as a multifunctional room, with mobile furniture that can be adapted to presentations and events in addition to the use of the office as such on a daily basis.

All spaces are designed with light and warm materials, looking for brightness and a Nordic and youthful style according to the profile of the users.


Barcelona, 2022


10.600 m2



Mural Graphic Design

Julián García


Rafael Vargas