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La Llotja d’Ur

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Residential complex of 22 semi-detached houses in French Cerdanya

The residential complex La Llotja d’Ur is located in the southeast of the town of Ur in the French Cerdanya.

The site is already urbanized and parceled and it consists of 11 irregular plots of approximately 850m2 that adapt to the distribution of the urbanization and the orography of the site. The proposal aims to find a balance between landscape, sustainability, residential use and its surroundings. The houses are designed as second homes, with open spaces and generous gardens in all units. The slight slope of the site allows all the dwellings to enjoy good views and sunlight.

With the will and commitment to make an efficient and sustainable architecture, the constructions are built with prefabricated systems. They allow to be more respectful with the place and the planet, besides improving execution times and cost. It also allows its execution during all the months of the year, including the cold winter months.


Ur, France 2021


10.500 m2



Graphic Designer

Enric Jardí