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Partisan, Skopje


Rehabilitation of sports hall and environment

In an old sports pavilion built in the 70s, during the former Republic of Yugoslavia, located in the city of Skopje, capital of the current Republic of Northern Macedonia, the is a pavilion currently in disuse and in a very bad state of conservation. It is planned the integral rehabilitation of this pavilion and its surroundings, with the aim of generating a new nucleus of sports and activities and taking advantage of the regeneration impulse that is being carried out in this area of the city. The building is divided into two areas: the main area, with the sports court (to play basketball, handball, etc.), and the auxiliary areas: the entrance hall and the dressing rooms located on  the ground floor. On the first floor there are the offices, a small museum and a restaurant with terrace. On the basement floor, it is kept the existing and functioning indoor Olympic shooting range. The surroundings of the pavilion are designed as an area of outdoor facilities that allow multiple activities for the neighborhood and the pavilion itself, such as local markets, children’s play areas, outdoor sports courts and promenades.


Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia, 2019


6.000 m2

In collaboration with

Javier Romero, Tomàs Romero and Mateus Sartori, architects