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House in Sitges

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Detached family house

The project is based on the idea of horizontal trays that stretch to fit the functional program while generating intermediate spaces through porches and umbraculums. Generous openings are proposed to enjoy the views towards the town and the sea, as well as to erase the limits between interior and exterior spaces. These spaces take on great importance due to the location of the project. An environment with a pleasant climate and close to the sea.

The plot has a natural slope of 13%. Two flat garden levels are built to make best use of the garden: one at the main facade, which contains the pool area and porch linked to the common areas. The other, at the rear facade, which has access from the second floor level, is quieter and of a more introverted character, linked to the rooms.

Regarding the program, there are a total of four floors: the basement contains various spaces such as the office, gym, wine cellar, laundry and technical rooms. On the first floor is the main entrance and the common areas of living room, dining room and kitchen with access to the porch linked to the main garden. On the second floor there are three bedrooms and a shared bathroom, all with access to a balcony and to the back garden. The second floor corresponds to the suite, with access to a panoramic terrace for exclusive use. Since the program stands between two levels and part of the program is developed in the basement, a rear courtyard is proposed to illuminate and ventilate spaces that would otherwise be blind.

In general terms, the project pursues a balance between functionality and comfort in spaces designed for everyday use. Spaces without limits between indoors and outdoors, which can become extroverted on special occasions, also designed to be enjoyed in company.


Sitges, 2022 - in progress


500 m2