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Leisure center in Barcelona

Commissioned by the developer, this project is a that takes place on the current building of the Club Natació Barcelona.

It consists of a total of 5.600m2 of restaurant and wellness programs, an outdoor space of 2.500m2 on the basement for the Beach Club and a lounge terrace of 1.150m2 on the penthouse. The aim of this leisure center is to reach a wide audience of family and friends, locals and tourists, where they can enjoy a wide range of bars, restaurants and wellness that offer a unique multi-sensory experience throughout the year.

At an architectural level, a glass box is proposed to enjoy the maximum views of the sea and its surroundings, while it is wrapped with a lattice to protect from direct sunlight. This lattice becomes a theme of the project, which evokes modernist architecture as an icon of the city of Barcelona. The pattern of the lattice, as if it had movement, allows it to stretch and compress to mold to the density of weft that needs each use inside the building. It manages to be transparent in places where the connection with the outside is important, while it closes when privacy is needed.

The exterior space seeks the best orientation and distribution for the best possible use. Its vocation is to be a dynamic, attractive space, different from the rest of the city’s offer. It is a casual place, disconnected and connected to the sea in a privileged environment.


Barcelona, 2022


9.250 m2


Green Track

In collaboration with

Xavier Trilla, architect

Execution Direction and Construction Manager

Dídac Freixa, Nexxo