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La Rectoria

La Rectoria 13
La Rectoria 11
La Rectoria 8
La Rectoria 10
La Rectoria 1
La Rectoria 4.2
La Rectoria 7
La Rectoria 12

Three tourist apartments in Castellbò

New construction project where we seek to sew the gaps left by the demolished and abandoned plots within the urban fabric of small mountain villages. We started with three initial conditions: the presence of the remains of the Castle of Castellbò, adjacent to the plot, which forces us to slightly recede the building to integrate it into the environment, the presence of the church, with an imposing facade in front of the plot and finally, the orientation to the northwest.

A total of three rural apartments are built with a communal area, multipurpose rooms, laundry and parking.

The materials used are stone, reused from the demolition of the existing walls and pine wood stained in a walnut shade. The stone represents the skin, it’s the view from the street, the rural facade. The wood gives us the warmth of the space once we enter the enclosure, the touch. The interior facades are made with vertical slats of different thicknesses and widths to achieve a visual rhythm and a rough texture, like the hands of the farmer.

As the plot is narrow and in dividing, it limits the visuals and openings. The apartments overlap, generating balconies and terraces that open views of the Valley of Castellbò.

We use high efficiency energy systems such as geothermal and solar thermal panels to generate heating and hot water. A biomass boiler has also been installed as a support.

As far as interior design is concerned, we have prioritized reusing many materials from the rural world to bring users closer to this increasingly forgotten world.


Castellbò, Alt Urgell, 2015


650 m2




Noelia Albana