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House in Llançà

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Interior refurbishment of a single-family house

We are facing a second two-storey residence on the Costa Brava. The main floor is developed on two levels separated by three steps and has very fragmented spaces. The commission is to make a reform of the kitchen, which occupies the center of the groundfloor, and to link it to the circulation space. It is proposed that, in addition to reforming the kitchen, we expand the central space, tearing down the partition of the existing room and the living room. We swap the dining room and bedroom pieces to achieve a continuous space between living room-kitchen and dining room. We managed to have the main pieces united and illuminated by the two end faces, generating a much more fluid space. To bring even more light to the space, we use white marble for the flooring and white lacquer for the furniture. Two walnut lines are sewing and spatially unifying the two levels of the groundfloor. A strip at 90cm in height serves as the kitchen counter  as well as a shelf for the living room and dining room. The color contrast between walnut and white is reinforced by the staircase and the interior doors, which will also be walnut. The client gets encouraged and ends up reforming the two bathrooms, so that we end up carrying out the almost comprehensive reform of this house. A new home after all.


Llançà, Alt Empordà, 2019


60 m2