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El Pas, Vic


Urban proposal

Located in the northeastern part of the city, following the course of the Gurri River, the area is divided into two parts, on both sides of the river. The built up area is confined between the existing urban boundaries and the river itself. In the northern part, right where the river turns abruptly eastwards, forming a meander, there is a large park that extends to the limit of the area and, beyond, it blends into the landscape.


The circulation is divided into road and pedestrian. The road layout is connected to the existing network and defines the hierarchies of road traffic, giving continuity to the streets and the ring road predetermined in the current planning. Parallel to the roads, alternative routes are established for pedestrians only. These paths, some as a promenades and others as squares, seek to promote the interest of public space over private space. Most of the residential buildings are thought as multi-family models, with large empty spaces between the constructions. That is to give priority to green areas, both of public and private use.


Vic, 2006


100.000 m2


Colomer Munmany, S.A.

In collaboration with

Toni Sala-CTS Arquitectes